Kirsten Kopp

 a fresh, engaging and trustworthy voice to bring life to your written words

About Me

Acting is my passion

From the Elementary School Nativity play through stage plays in high school, community theatre and church dramas I've loved spending time "on the boards".  As an adult I'm finding voice over is allowing me to continue this adventure in new and interesting ways, 

Voice Over is my outlet

  • I train with Victoria Scott
  • In my home I have an intimate studio where I record on Audacity using a Rode NT1 with Rode interface.
  • I continue to hone my skills via webinars, face to face workshops and video course training.

Commercial Demo

Thanks to Dennis at Oakstone Studio for producing these demos!

Animation Demo

Downloadable Versions

Kirsten Kopp Demo 2 - Commercial (mp3)


Kirsten Kopp Demo 1 - Animation (mp3)